The Andy Warhol Experience

Andy Warhol

For my midterm I decided to make a small Omeka exhibit based on the Tate museum’s artwork data. After browsing through the artists that were available, I decided to focus on Andy Warhol’s works from 1950 to 1955 before his fame in the early 60s. It’s interesting to see the stark difference in style between these works and the soup can paintings he is most famous for. As the years go on you can see the development in style as Warhol begins to use more vivid colors and move away from the blotted line technique. The Omeka exhibit doesn’t actually do a great job of showing the transformation in technique over time which I regret. If I were to start over, I would have made a timeline depicting important pieces to show the development of Warhol’s style.

In terms of processing there actually wasn’t anything rigorous that was required, the Tate dataset was already nicely formatted with most of the information required. The only real outsourcing I did was for the descriptions of some of the paintings – Tate didn’t have detailed descriptions for some of the works I chose whereas the Scotland National Galleries did (linked here).

There isn’t a lot of customizability in the presentation of an Omeka exhibit, but I chose a theme I thought fit well with the art pieces. Unfortunately, the images available were not very high resolution so close up inspection of the pieces is unavailable.

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